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Locate Customers & Patients

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Need to locate customers or patients? Give your staff access to our powerful online search tool. Use it to find address, phone and deceased information for your continued collection efforts.

Making informed decisions early in the collections cycle saves time, money and frustration. Redsson's online Locate and Address History search tool provides the information you need to make the best decisions.

If your staff has time available to dedicate to managing problematic accounts, they may still be wasting energy or finding inaccurate customer information. Our Locate search gives your team immediate access to accurate updated results saving you on collection agency fees.

Our Address History search is a companion to Locate and provides historical residences for each customer, for an added degree of confidence.

Let our team of experts help your team find exactly what they're looking for with the Locate and Address History online search tool.

CONTACT US to see a demo & discuss your specific goals.