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Verify Customer & Patient Identity

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Garbage in = Garbage. We help you catch errant or fraudulent information before it enters your system. Our online search tool ensures you ask the right questions to make sure information is accurate, up-to-date and complete.

Taking a new order? Setting up a new account? Registering a new patient? Start things out on the right foot with Redsson's Verify search.

With Verify, we not only help confirm that a person is precisely who they say they are, we also help confirm complete and correct address information that increases first-time deliverability of invoices.

And if any piece of information does not properly match up or is potentially fraudulent, we'll display alerts to help you comply with your organization's policies.

Discover how Redsson's Verify online search tool can help you to minimize your financial exposure.

CONTACT US to see a demo & discuss your specific goals.