Say goodbye to messy spreadsheets. Easily calculate, communicate, and implement all things associated with employee compensation.

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compensation analysis

1 click total compensation analysis for collective bargaining

When doing compensation planning, you need to know the costs of each scenario or proposal quickly and be confident the numbers are accurate.

Calculate. Forecast. Compare. Model.

Calculate. Forecast. Compare. Model.

Calculate collective bargaining proposals during negotiations. Forecast your organization’s exact compensation expenses. Compare multiple proposals to see the budget impact. Model new proposals, create updated proposals, or “what-if” scenarios.


Make compensation decisions with confidence

Relying on spreadsheets is tedious and leaves room for errors. When budgets, operations and livelihoods are on the line, you need 100% accuracy in your compensation data.


Take the stress out of collective bargaining negotiations

Working with union representatives, negotiating contracts. and determining terms for employment is stressful enough. CompPro allows you to show up to the collective bargaining table with all the answers and resources at your fingertips.

Simplify the collective bargaining proposal process.

Create proposals

Create proposals quickly and easily

Utilize a software tool that allows you to calculate proposals with one click instead of the hassles that come with excel spreadsheets.

See exact costs

See exact costs down to the penny

Upload your employee data directly so you can see each employee and their compensation cost in one place.

easily compare different scenarios

Compare different scenarios with ease

Run revised proposals easily, giving you the power to compare different scenarios to make an analysis based on data.

easily calculate and apply new structures

Easily calculate and apply new structures

Apply new compensation structures to your employee data and perform the calculations to see updated results when new agreements are effective.

Export and integrate data

Export and integrate data to other systems

Easily export new compensation data to update your payroll and accounting systems.

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