About Redsson

Redsson is a B2B software and services company founded in 2001 with operations in Denver, Minneapolis, and Toledo.

photos from around the Redsson office


Listen to people and help them

We solve challenging business problems by providing easy-to-use, customizable solutions to help your organization streamline complicated manual processes and improve efficiencies. We’re committed to delivering one-on-one consultative support to help you achieve your unique organizational goals.


How we can help

talk with us

Lack of resources?

Internal resources may not have the bandwidth or ability to help you. Talk with us, we can.

lack of communication between systems

Systems don’t communicate?

Different internal systems can’t communicate with each other or an external system? We are experts at solving these problems.

Need the extra mile? Redsson can help.

Need the extra mile?

Maybe you’re not technical or just can’t figure something out. Our team will always help you get the job done.