Returned Mail

Returned mail signals problem accounts. Fix them to avoid lost revenue, unhappy customers, and unnecessary collections costs.

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Returned Mail from Redsson

stop handling physical mail

Eliminate handling physical returned mail

Let us receive and process all your physical returned mail. This gives you a centralized, standardized process that’s fast, efficient and delivers results.

find problem accounts with Returned Mail from Redsson

Quickly identify problem accounts

Get better information faster, allowing you to see specific problems, as well as what’s causing them so you can act quickly to fix them.

Receive new data formatted appropriately to update your systems

Update your systems to trigger best actions

Receive data formatted to update your systems. As problems are identified, route them to the best resources that can take appropriate actions.

Monitor returned mail statistics

Monitor returned mail statistics and effects

Get reports showing the numbers. Know that your efforts are bearing good results by monitoring vs historical numbers and industry standards.

Is your returned mail problem consuming unnecessary time and money? We can help.

Reduce the revenue put at risk

Reduce the revenue put at risk

Undelivered bills mean accounts may not be paid. Identify and correct these situations so you retain the revenue stream.

Cut your costs

Cut your costs to collect and reduce write-offs

If problems are identified and cannot be fixed, don’t continue to extend service that won’t be paid for and cut your costs to collect.

make your customers happy

Avoid creating unhappy customers

Your customers want to communicate with you so find and fix breaks in the communication chain. Minimize miscommunications that lead to bad experiences.

don't miss payments

Don’t miss payments arriving in returned mail

Some customers mail payments to your return address. Delaying or never processing these payments leads to unnecessary collections.

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