Keep your patient information up to date in your cancer registry software to achieve accreditation and increase productivity.

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FollowUpPro software from Redsson

Expedite registry compliance

Expedite registry compliance with expert data partners

With CoC compliance on the line, the patient follow-up process is critical to gaining or maintaining accreditation. Redsson FollowUpPro helps you find lost patients.

Easily import lost patient data

Easily import lost patient data

We receive your lost patient data file containing the last known contact information.

Search and find updated patient information

Search for updated patient information

We search for the latest address and date last seen or deceased notification and deceased date.

Import updated patient results

Import updated patient results

A securely transmitted report is generated and can be imported directly back into your cancer registry software.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of lost patients? We can help.

improve your follow up rate

Improve follow up rate

Find more lost patients quickly and efficiently. Improve your follow up rates and track follow up impact.

Commission on Cancer Compliance

Achieve CoC compliance

Integrate with your registry software and easily maintain or achieve compliance.

save time and money with FollowUpPro from Redsson

Save time and money

Automate your follow up process to free up your staff and time management resources.

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