Instantly find updated information including address, phone, and deceased notices with our easy-to-use online person-search tool.

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parachute search from Redsson

Online person-search gets you instant results

Just enter name, address, date of birth or social security number to see the latest information available.

The go-to resource for finding people

Sophisticated search tool that accesses public records and private databases to provide the best information available online.

Looking to keep your database accurate, up-to-date, and complete to increase invoice deliverability? We can help.

fix account issues internally

Improve internal collections efforts

It’s ideal to fix account issues internally and avoid third party collections. Better contact information from Parachute helps.

defend against consumer fraud

Combat consumer fraud

Safeguard against and reduce financial losses by letting you see known information connected to responsible parties.

communicate with customers

Re-establish contact with customers & patients

When accounts aren’t performing or you’ve lost contact with the responsible party, Parachute can help you save the relationship.

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